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Before the Show

Your alpacas must be registered with the Alpaca Owners Association 

Please note that your September 30th or earlier crias will qualify for the MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show and the Mid-America Alpaca Challenge 2024 double show.  

To register for the shows, they must:

  • be registered with the Alpaca Owners Association
  • be microchipped
  • have a negative BVD test

AOA always has a huge backlog in January, so send in your blood card for registration by December 1 to beat the rush.  Don't forget to add BVD testing to your order with AOA. 

Before you leave for the show:

  • Have fecal samples tested for your show animals and treat accordingly prior to leaving for the show
  • Start a file of paperwork, as back-up, either on your phone or paper file, including copies of AOA certificates, your CVI,  and a list of the animals with registration information
  • Organize supplies that you will need at the show. 
      • Mats for their stalls
      • Water buckets
      • Hay and hay feeder
      • Bowls with feed 
      • Rake and pan to clean stall
      • Health supply kit 
      • Leads
      • Halters that fit your animals

Consider also:

  • Information about your farm and animals
  • Business cards
  • Banners or signs for your farm 
  • Chairs
  • A table for supplies and/or informational materials

You must get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI)

You must obtain a certificate of veterinary inspection from your veterinarian. This must be done within 30 days prior to the last day of the show.  More info can be found here.

Contact your vet to schedule your checks.

Bring the original and one copy of your CVI with you to the show.  

Are your alpacas ready?

Be sure your alpacas are:

  • Registered with AOA
  • Microchipped
  • Have a negative BVD test
  • Halter trained
  • Have learned to stand still on a lead
  • Will allow the judge to touch them 

The Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) publishes the AOA Show System Handbook, which includes a chapter on getting ready for the show.  Selected pages from the Handbook can be found here

The entire show system handbook is available for members to download as a PDF.

Color (Compliance) Checks

In order to facilitate advance planning for classes and class sizes, exhibitors are urged to compare their alpaca’s fleece at mid-side, closest to the skin, with the AOA color chart. Use that color when you register the animal for the show, even if it is different than the color on their AOA registration certificate. 

For those who are new to showing, color checks (compliance checks) are conducted at the show venue.  Each animal is checked to ensure that their color, birthdate, and gender is the same as how they were registered for the show.  This is important since the classes for the show are determined by color, age, and gender.  

Color checking (compliance checking) is held the day that you check in.  If any changes need to be made in class line-ups, classes must be adjusted before the show begins.

Therefore, the more accurate you are when you register for the show, the fewer last minute changes will need to be made.

Halter Show Attire

Attire should be neat, conservative and appropriate for the class. Black and white is the dress combination requested by MOPACA, with closed toe and heel shoes. No high heels, please.

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