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Alpaca Show

Welcome Visitors!

Welcome to the MOPACA Shows

The MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show and the Mid America Alpaca Challenge!

The original MOPACA show - the MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show - has become a favorite for people over the years. In 2022 we are doubling the fun, with the addition of the Mid America Alpaca Show! 

Families and individuals of all ages love to visit the alpacas, talk to the alpaca owners and see the beautiful product that comes from alpacas. Visitors can watch alpaca fiber being spun into yarn, weaved into rugs and shawls, and shop for alpaca products such as sweaters, socks, and scarves.

There is something at the show for everyone, and many make it a point to return year after year to see the alpacas!

Here are some basic guidelines for getting to know alpacas at the alpaca show.

  1. Please don't offer food or treats to the alpacas.
  2. Please touch the alpacas only with help from the owners.
  3. Do not go into alpaca stalls unless an owner gives his or her permission. 
  4. Use soft and calm voices around alpacas. 
  5. Be respectful.

Below is a schedule that will give you an overview of what will be happening at the show. You will find plenty to do, and we encourage you to spend time walking around and talking to alpaca owners. Most alpaca owners will be happy to help you meet their alpacas and answer your questions about raising alpacas.

Here is a schedule in PDF format that you can download.  We have also prepared an informational handout about alpaca ownership and visiting alpacas, that you can download here.

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