Friday Events

Vet Checks

Check-in is Friday, March 27th, from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

When you arrive at the arena, follow the signs to the Vet Check. You will see volunteers who will facilitate the Vet Check process.

All alpacas will be vet checked inside your trailer by the show veterinarian. Please have two (2) copies of your Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI).  One will be retained by the show superintendent.

If your alpaca is not microchipped, the vet will insert a microchip and you will be responsible for the cost at that time. You will not be invoiced by the show or the vet. No alpaca will be allowed in the venue without a microchip.

Important note regarding microchip numbers: Due to the variety of microchip manufacturers, we are asking that if you have a reader other than the standard Avid universal reader, please bring it with you. If the vet cannot read your chip with our universal reader and you do not have one available, the vet will have your alpaca placed in a quarantine area and will check your alpaca as time permits. This is to keep the flow of traffic moving efficiently. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

If an emergency arises and you will be late in arriving, please contact the Barn Manager, Dale Hoerl, at (913) 558-7199.

After the Vet Check

The welcome desk near the Vet Check station will have a map of stalls and can direct you to your assigned space. Check in with the volunteers at the welcome desk and pick up your Exhibitor Bag and materials.  They will give you the preliminary list of your animals, based on the information you provided when you registered online for the show.

After completing the vet check and picking up your registration materials from the welcome desk, you can bring your stall supplies and animals into the arena.

Color-checking will be held between the hours of 10 noon and 6 pm on the day of check-in.  Color checking is conducted to ensure that your animal is included in the correct color class for halter and walking fleece shows, and to double check on birth dates and genders. 

When you are ready for color checking, bring your animal/s to the arena, along with your preliminary listing of animals that the welcome desk volunteers gave you.

The volunteers at Color Checking will take your copy of animals and use that to make any changes that are necessary. The volunteers will confirm birth dates, genders, and will look at your animal/s fiber at skin level to verify the correct color.

After your animals have been color-checked, take the list with any updates to the superintendent's desk in the arena. The superintendent will give you your packet with exhibitor numbers for use during the show.

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